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Drinks - Wine

Six wines may not exactly be a "list." But when you're in the mood for wine, why whine? We'll pop the cork - you savor the moment!

Covey Run Riesling

Aromas of honeysuckle with peach and apricot notes.

Redwood Creek Chardonnay

This popular wine sings notes of citrus and honey.

Canyon Road Moscato

Inviting notes of peach and honey, followed by lusciously sweet flavors of pear and lemon.


A Spanish acquisition which agrees with all the food of Mexico.

Redwood Creek Merlot

Deep in color and full bodied with subtle fruity hints - or is that the person at the next table making eyes at you?

Redwood Creek Cabernet

This classic Cabernet is soft and elegant with a dark berry essence.



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